Get Integrated with Active Ants

Step 1: Connect to Active Ants

First select your data hub, from which you want to list products to your new selling channel, from our list of supported platforms. Then choose the marketplace or system you want to sell on (in this case Active Ants). You can also connect to other marketplaces from your account dashboard.


Step 2: List Products on Active Ants

Select products from your designated data Hub to list on Active Ants. You can choose for the products listed to Active Antsto be stored in the tab Draft so that you can edit your products before publishing them live on Active Ants, or you may decide to publish your listings direct to a live state.

Step 3: Sync Product Data

Your product inventory details such as product name, quantity in hand, price, images, etc., are regularly synced from your data hub to Active Ants and vice versa if required, when a change is made in your hub this is detected and pushed to Active Ants in the blink of an eye keeping your catalog consolidated and in-line.

Step 4: Manage orders

Order details are synced between Active Ants and your hub allowing you to consolidate your fulfillment flows and inventory/ warehousing management into one system saving endless hours of time and effort.

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