iOmniC supports multiple channels and apps

iOmniC is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose your data hub

Select the system which will be your source of truth for your product data and inventory hub.

Select your Target Platform(s)

Choose which platforms you want to synchronize your data to.

Setup Attribute Mapping

Specify your attribute and data mapping with our easy to use interface

Why iOmniC?

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Near real-time synchronization

No more time consuming manual updates necessary. All your Products, Orders, and Fulfillment are automatically synced between platforms within minutes.

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Easily monitor your connections

Our admin UI will help you track the status, details, timestamps, and completion levels of your data. Any transfer errors will show in the dashboard and via email digest with hints on how to fix in your data.

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Granular integration controls

Our mapping tools allow you to select exactly what data is transferred. You decide the flow of data, and can create/enable/disable/remove any automated process easily.

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We have had a great experience with iOmniC. We have been using them for a few years now and their support is always on hand if needed. The team take great initiative to understand what is required and get the job done smoothly with little need for questions from the solutions we are trying to connect into.

They are very capable at helping build a company’s interconnectivity between systems allowing for a more streamlined operational practice. Their connections have not failed us yet and are very reliable from our experience. We would definitely recommend these guys to anyone needing API development work!

Affordable Pricing Plans

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